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Denis Pousseur ( Belgium, 1958 ) entered the musical scene as a pianist-keyboard player and composer of rock and jazz. He soon became fascinated by the relationship between music and images. After some experience accompanying silent films he worked extensively for theatre, dance and cinema where he became truly accomplished as a self-taught composer.
He has composed much of his incidental music using electronic and computer techniques, thus exploring most of the new musical technology of the past 30 years. He has composed many themes or arrangements for jazz and rock and around 50 original soundtracks for stage and cinema.
In this genre he produces instrumental music which, although very different to his "applied" music, is nonetheless characterised by the eclecticism of previous experiences. His music, although complex at times, aims to be direct and accessible. Whether figurative or narrative it is often draws on a dramatic scheme, as Les Mille Voix du Fleuve (for orchestra) based on a work of Herman Hesse or Start (for voice, clarinet and electronic) based on a work of Italo Calvino.

Denis Pousseur teachs composition, in the Mons High School of the Arts. He is also the developper of the musical software Sequenza.

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